Best Bowie Knife in 2023 (High Quality Knives)


Is there any knife other than Bowie that can provide a handguard, fixed blade, and Clipped Edge? Well, the answer is no. There is no such knife that can meet the quality and functionalities of Bowie for outdoor activities like survival, combat, hiking, and hunting.

Bowie knife is iconic and is in use since the 19th century; still, the legacy is alive. So what are you waiting for? It’s the right time to buy the best bowie knife to use as a weapon or other reasons for outdoor activities. Only if it’s allowed in your Hometown to carry it along. But wait, how would you consider the best for yourself? Well, we have made a list of ten in the below section.

Luckily, the list of products we have talk about in this article have different ways of usage. Every single one of them holds a purpose and provide quality. Meanwhile, the prices variation of these products will help you understand the popularity, Brand reputation, and originality.

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Our Top 3 Best Picks

Handmade Damascus Steel Bowie Knife

Ka-Bar Combat Bowie knife
  • Made in USA
  • Better handling
  • 1095 Cro-Van steel blade
  • Great for collectors and outdoor services
Ka-Bar US Marine Corps Fighting knife

Ka-Bar USMC Fighting knife
  • 100% Leather Sheath
  • 7″ Straight Edge Blade
  • 1095 Cro-van steel
  • Famous Knife Design in The World
Mossy Oak Survival Hunting Knife

MOSSY OAK Survival Knife
  • 10-inch, stainless Steel blade 
  • Razor Sharp Clip Point Blade
  • Very cool and well constructed
  • Rubber Handle & Nylon Sheath

The10 Best Bowie Knife Reviews

1. Ka-Bar Becker BK9 Combat Bowie Fixed Blade Knife

First of all, the Ka-bar Becker B9 has an ergonomically designed handle. If we talk about these handles, it tends to be the trending handle design that provides comfort and durability. Also, it helps a person be more efficient and productive while holding the knife handles to reduce injuries and discomfort.

The blades of this product are made up of 1095 Cro-van Steel. By research, we found that this steel offers toughness, wear resistance, hardness, and edge retention properties to the user. Besides that, it also brings durability and quality to the product due to the same reasons.

In terms of usage, the product has to be a significant consideration for outdoor activities. Why? Because I read out the reviews on different product selling websites where this product is available for selling. In the reviews section, everyone has appraised its effective and supportive usage for survival, hiking, camping, and many more.

For better stability, the manufacturers have included nylon material handle with this product. Besides stability, nylon is also suitable for high temperatures and also provides impacts strength and resistance. If we talk about the general dimensions of this product, so it’s 16.8 ounces in weight and 14-3/4” in length.

If we talk about the sheath, the manufacturer has also considered nylon material in black. Meanwhile, it cones a Kydex molded insert. The execution of the sheath is brilliant, which makes it a durable and lightweight cover for the knife. Also, it comes with a belt-off that gives you a sense of easiness to hold it easily.

Key Features

  • AC/DC Power Source
  • 476.3 Grams weight
  • Flat Blade Edge
  • Grivory Handle Material


Weight476.3 Grams
  • Sharp
  • Better handling
  • Made in USA
  • Ideal for outdoor activities
  • Requires regular oiling to remain rust-free
  • Poor quality Sheath

It comes with perfect and safe handling; therefore, you will never face any injuries. If that’s fascinating, you should buy the quality bowie knife KA-Bar Becker BK9.

2. Condor Undertaker Bowie Knife

First of all, the coffin handle of this knife makes it an undertaker knife in the whole world, which is a fantastic thing. After that, it’s worth it for the price as you will get a large bowie knife. 1075 Carbon steel is used for the creation of its blades. It comes with better edge retention along with excellent grades and a softer feel. Also, the same steel is more manageable for anyone to sharpen quickly.

Your hands will never slip to the edge due to the reasons it contains a steel knife guard. Hence, no issues of finger or hand injuries will happen to you. On top of that, walnut wood is used for the creation of its handles.

Besides that, Condor Tool and Knife is well-known in the market due to its favorable knives. Their products are too good with their finishing and are also considered that their product is attractive in terms of prices. Hence, it would turn out to be a better experience if you purchased this product.

Key Features

  • Walnut wood Handles
  • 5 Inches blade length
  • Leather Sheath
  • Hollow Grind


Weight1.5 Pounds
  • Quality Sheath
  • Crafted with top-quality materials
  • Durable
  • Better in performance
  • Expensive
  • Not completely stainless

Condor tool and knife is a top-notch brand whose products are famous due to favorably priced tags. So if it makes sense to you, you should buy Condor Tool & Knife, Undertaker Bowie Knife.

3. Cold Steel Black Bear Bowie Machete Knife

The Cold Steel Black bear Bowie Machete Blade is made up of Carbon Steel that has 1055 grade. The steel provides you a better impact resistance, shock, strength, and durability in the blade. For extra protection, the manufacturers have considered the anti-rust matte finish as well in the product.

The handle material used in this product is polypropylene. We have found that this material is textured and slip-resistant for the handles. On top of that, it makes the cleaning procedure as more accessible as possible, which is a good thing.

This knife’s left and right orientation make it a versatile weapon for those who want to use it with the left or right hand without any hurdles.

If we talk about the price tag of this knife, so it’s not as expensive compared to other products. In general, this product holds many values and surprising capabilities that make it a brilliant product, to be honest. Suppose you want to retain the quality of this product for long years. In that case, regular oiling and cleaning after every use of this product will make it a better and sustainable option for every customer.

Apart from that, it’s a sheer size product that you can quickly realize after holding it on to the hand. It would give you a warrior-type vibe. Plus, the whole black color combination of this product makes it look better. In the end, the blade length is around 12 inches, 2.8mm of blade thickness, and 18.1 oz. of weight.

Key Features

  • Alloy steel
  • Polypropylene Handle material
  • Left/Right Hand orientation


BrandCold Steel
Special FeatureManual
  • Easily wash through hands
  • All-purpose Bowie Knife
  • Long-lasting handle quality
  • Good design
  • Poor Handle grip (Customer review)

Manufacturers perform the entire sharpening of the product through their hands. Therefore, it brings quality to the product when using for different purposes.

4. Mossy Oak 14-inch Bowie Knife with Leather Sheath

mossy oak knives review

Mossy OAK 14-inch bowie knife is the product that I have already purchased to fulfill my needs. What I found about this product is that it’s not only well priced, but the durability and high caliber of this product is another factor that insists me to love this product. After unboxing the product and taking it on my hands, oh god, I got the feeling of holding a proper knife in my hand.

The things I got from this product were a leather sheath that is real in quality and a snap fastener, generally used for safe and secure carrying of the knife. Overall, the length of the knife is around 14 inches, while 8.5 inches of blade length. Meanwhile, I loved that this product can be used for skinning an animal, cutting wood, cutting meat, or any other optimal usage.

Apart from that, I loved the brass pommel and non-slip grip of this product, which provides strength and efficiency at the time of usage. Meanwhile, it offers a sense of comfort and firmness in the gripping.

The suitable usage of this product refers to outdoor, industrial, tactical, survival, hunting, and military situations. Hence, you will get a sense of better quality in this product.

One major factor that insisted me to love this product is the clip point blade that is razor-sharp. In general, it offers you corrosion resistance, edge retention, and excellent strength in the knife. Therefore, you will get a sense of durability and long-lastingness. Whether you want to use it in tight places, detail work, or piercing, this product will strongly entertain you in every aspect, which is fantastic.

Key Features

  • Clip Point Blade Shape
  • Rosewood handle material
  • Manufacturer: Hang Zhou Great Star Industrial Co.,LTD


BrandMossy Oak
Item14 x 3.15 x 0.79 inches
Weight1.5 Pounds

  • Rugged Military style Handle
  • Razor Sharp blade
  • Genuine leather sheath
  • Wood Handles (Full Tang)
  • Balance issue
  • Not ideal for chopping

This huge bowie knife tends to be the best option for outdoor enthusiasts in terms of outstanding features. Life will be fully prepared when you have the Mossy Oak 14-inch bowie knife alongside.

5. KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife

The KA-Bar Full-size US Marine Corps fighting knife is an imported product that contains lots of high-quality features that helps anyone to use it for outdoor activities without any hurdles. Since the knife is from Marine Corps, its blades are sharped enough to overcome all of your needs. Meanwhile, the handles are designed perfectly in a way that offers adequate gripping.

The reason it has become one of the demanding bowing knives is due to the fact the US Marine Corps use it during World War 2. This ka bar bowie knife’s heavy-duty material and sharpness were some of the significant factors the US Marine Corps has trusted on this knife. Surprisingly, it has become one of the primary weapons for them. Therefore, even in the current times, the majority of the people still demand to purchase this product. 1095 CRO-VAN steel is used as a material for creating this knife, which builds a top-quality attribute in the performance and reliability of this knife.

Besides that, another essential factor that you need to consider while purchasing this product is that the history of KA-BAR is from 1898. Yes, they are satisfying the customers and fulfilling their needs since that old times. Every process is done after analyzing the product individually, where they also perform a thorough testing process for upbringing holding ability, corrosion resistance, and many other properties in the product.

If we talk about the sheath, so it’s made up of good quality leather. You will get a sense of strongest, ruggedness, and durability in its sheath. The leather sheaths are not limited to bring you a better look when you keep the knife inside them. But, it will also help to keep the sharpness of the blade along with the protection.

Key Features

  • Carbon Steel Blade Material
  • 7 Inches blade length
  • Compound Bevel Blade edge
  • Compound Bevel Blade edge


Model Name KA-BAR
Weight317.5 Grams

  • Used in World War
  • Genuine and well crafted
  • Brilliant Hand protection
  • Multi-functioning combat properties
  • Thin Sheath
  • Quality control is not optimal

The product was used in the world war by the Marine Corps due to its outstanding quality and reliable grip. You can consider the same factors to buy this product.

6. SOG Super Bowie Fixed Blade SB1T-L

This product can fit perfectly on any hand and provides a natural look due to its handles that are made up of leather. It also contains a 7.5 inch fixed blade and a steel blade of AUS-8 grade with a finishing of black TiNi. Meanwhile, the blade comes in a clip-point shape.

Besides that, SOG is a top-notch brand whose products are deliberately purchasing by people from different parts of the world. They offer high quality bowie knives to their customers; therefore, you can expect the same from this product.

You would have used different types of knives in your life, including Tactical fixed blades, folding EDC’s, or even SOG’s. There is no doubt that these knives are good in quality and design. However, when you buy this one, you will seriously feel a unique Bowie experience in life. This product is outstanding in terms of design, feel, and looks. You will find it way more significant than the tech Bowie. The feeling after you hold it in the hands is not describable, and it can be experienced only after holding it on to the hands.

Another fantastic thing about this product is its ability to work in the same way, just like you have bought it for the first time. Many customer reviews mentioned that they are still feeling satisfactory results from the product after using it from several months. That’s something where a person would think about this product as per their expectations.

In the last, it’s the type of product that is worth it for the price you spend on it. Hence, you will never regret buying it.

Key Features

  • AC/DC Power source
  • Synthetic material
  • 1.1 pounds weight
  • Manual


Model Name7990677
Blade Length7.5 Inches

  • Multi-purpose
  • Tactical Fixed blades
  • Solid
  • Safe to use
  • Limited Time warranty

The reason you should buy SOG Super Bowie Fixed blade SB1T-L is due to its perfect detailing. Moreover, the manufacturers of this product are top-notch for making good quality knives.

7. REG-215 – Handmade Damascus Steel 14 Inches Bowie Knife

First of all, the handle of this product is a bit narrow because it makes it a suitable size product for everyone to hold easily. After that, it has sharp cutting abilities and excellent edges. The manufacturer of this product is prepared it handmade. It means the handles and all other components of this knife are entirely made with the help of hands. Therefore, you will get outstanding stability and sharpness from this product. Besides that, it has alloy steel blades that feature significant benefits like strength, wear resistance, toughness, edge holding capabilities, and many more.

I tested this product in a store, and the first amazing thing that I loved about it is the deep redwood. Yeah, it can give you a unique and meaningful look that you may never consider as precisely on other boui knives. The kind wasn’t clear to me, but the finishing made a fantastic set of experiences. Also, I loved that it’s pretty affordable even with such a great and good quality product.

In terms of performance, the product is very sharp right after you purchase and unbox it. If you want to do manual edge razor sharpness, you can do it. But, it is sharp when you arrive for the first time. Also, several tests were performed on this product that initiates its outstanding performance without any second thought.

The sturdiness of the handle and blade is outstanding. Meanwhile, its metal design is brilliant. With fantastic price and quality, we don’t believe any product could satisfy you like this one.

Key Features

  • Wood Handle
  • 1.19 pounds weight
  • Alloy Steel blades
  • Brass/steel/wood color


ManufacturerPoshland Knives
  • Handmade
  • Perfect grip
  • Durable
  • Multi-purpose
  • Weak Handle (Customer review)

The REG-215 is entirely handmade. Therefore, it’s a better product in terms of quality and extended lasting features. If it fascinates you, then you should buy this product.

8. Schrade SCHF45 Leroy 16.5in High Carbon S.S. Full Tang Bowie Fixed Blade Knife

First of all, the material used in this bowie knife is High carbon stainless steel. The material offers durability along with razor-sharp edges. Also, it’s pretty resistant to stains. Apart from that, it comes with a design that brings a higher amount of security to the user, like your hands will not slip due to the grooves, choil, and finger guard.

The blades are versatile, and it helps to cut anything precisely and accurately. On top of that, it’s covered with a belt sheath made up of thermoplastic. So accessing the knife is easier for anyone by using a similar sheath.

Complete tang design is also introduced in the construction of this knife. The benefit of this feature is that it helps you push as load or burden to the blade when cutting something without worrying about damages or injuries. On the other hand, it comes with a lanyard hole whose primary purpose is to provide you security throughout the knife. For example, it prevents the blade from slipping from the grip area whenever you are holding it. Also, the same lanyard hole makes it entirely secure when you are using it around the water.

Apart from that, it comes with 7.6 ounces of weight, 10.4 inches of length, and 16.5 inches of overall length. The only thing that troubles the customers to buy this product is its thick blade and medium quality sheath. In general, some people find it good while some not.

Key Features

  • 2.63 pound weight
  • Multi-color
  • Compound bevel blade edge
  • Thermoplastic elastomers Handle material


Model NameSCHF45
ManufacturerTaylor Brands LLC

  • Heavy duty material
  • Well-balanced
  • Razor sharp
  • Full tang
  • Not Durable Material (customer review)

High carbon Stainless steel is used in the creation of Schrade SCHF45 Leroy 16.5in high carbon S.S. Therefore, it turns out to be the best bowie knife for you.

9. Mossy Oak Survival Hunting Fixed Blade Knife with Sheath

First of all, the mossy OAK Survival Hunting Knife sells considerably for being the best-fixed blade hunting knife. It has more than four thousand positive reviews with a 4.7 positive rating, which is outstanding.

The 10 inches blade length makes it one of the top bowie knives we have discussed in this article. Meanwhile, the material used for the creation of blades is stainless steel. The good thing about stainless steel is that it’s durable and rust-free. Therefore, you don’t require to oil it regularly to prevent rustiness.

The handles are made up of rubber, which provides a comfortable and high friction grip. On the other hand, nylon sheath is heavy duty that makes its handling relatively safe and easy.

Coming to its preferable use, so we believe that you can use it as a camper, hunter, survivalist, or for any outdoor sports activities. The knife is the best option when it comes to bringing something unique and supportive to the adventures. In addition, the knife will last longer due to its quality built.

We talk about the other typical attributes of this knife, so it comes with a 15-inch overall length, 10-inch blade length, and around 3.8mm of thickness. The weight of this product is approximately 16.8 oz.

Key Features

  • Rubber handle material
  • Heavy duty nylon sheath
  • Clip point blade shape
  • 10 inches blade length
  • Stainless steel blade material


BrandMossy Oak
Dimensions16.89 x 4.92 x 2.24 inches
Weight16.8 oz
  • Quality build
  • Good looks
  • Razor sharp blades
  • Carry pretty easily and safely
  • Not scratch resistant

Mossy Oak has made this amazing Product by considering the best quality rubber for it’s handles that gives perfect gripping. On the other hand, top-notch stainless steel blade are used for the knife, which makes it quiet sharp. Hence, those who demands these two things can buy this product without any hurdles.

10. Schrade SCHF3N 12in Full Tang High Carbon SS Fixed Blade

Starting from the ergonomics and handle, it’s made up of micarta, considered the best quality woven resin laminate. Also, micarta provides solid performance and chemical strength in any weather condition. Furthermore, the knife feels good in the hand due to its large finger choils and magnificent ergonomic handle.

You can use this product like a tactical blade; however, we have analyzed that this product can be used as a survival blade. Why? Because we have seen several reviews online that mentioned its survival qualities.

Besides that, it has a sheath as well that is made up of suitable quality nylon. When I took it on my hands, it offered a pure class. Moreover, the knife can be held from both left and right hands, making it an outstanding product.

The large sweep of the blade and its weight make this knife a better option to chop anything. In addition, the knife comes with an ideal drop point for better piercing movements, detail tasks, and cravings. Besides that, I have found one unique thing about this product. That is the best survival and combat properties where you will have the maximum durability because it provides you a versatile blade shape constructed with top-quality material.

Key Features

  • Stainless steel blade
  • Drop point blade shape
  • Plain blade edge
  • Multi-color
  • Stainless steel handle material


Model NameSCHF3N
Weight1.38 Pounds
  • Good quality nylon sheath
  • Easy to use from left and right hands
  • Can be used as a tactical and survival blade
  • Quality woven resin lamination is used on its handles
  • The blade isn’t that much sharp (Customer review)
  • Knock off

Schrade has initiated a better plan and executed it in the a perfect way in Schrade SCHF3, which helps in providing the best value. Therefore, the purpose will be quiet achievable with this knife. If it’s fascinating, then you should buy this product.

The Best Bowie Knife Buying Guide

Before buying the best bowie knife, it’s essential to consider some essential things. So, let’s talk about them in the below section.

Blade Size: You would get a Small bowie knife and a large bowie knife in the market. The purposes of selecting both of the knives are different. Therefore, you need to be clear about that. If we talk about the small knife, it’s suitable for outdoor activities where you have to clean the meat or require something for skinning precision.

On the other hand, a large bowie knife tends to be an ideal selection for looking for something wild. Like you are spending outdoors in a camp and want to help cut the wood into pieces, else, doing something else that is intense and only achievable through large size bowie knife.

Material: When it comes to material, there are several options available in this best Bowie knives, such as carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, and many more. Every material has its pros and cons and way of dealing with the environment and needs. However, we want you to buy the bowie knife made up of carbon steel if you think traditionally. On the other hand, if your considerations are a bit advanced, considering the stainless steel or alloy material would be ideal. Why? Because it comes with all of the properties that are meaningful in the current time.

Handle Design: The design of Handles is another critical consideration in the bowing knife when you are purchasing it. Why? Because a good design handle gives you the audacity to excellently handle the knife. If its design is good, then you will remain safe from any injuries. 

When it comes to high quality bowie knives, the best consideration is to go with the ergonomic design. As a result, such a bowie knife tends to provide better grip and control to the user, which is notable.

Handle Material: Considering the handle material randomly would be a daunting decision as it can risk your hand or fingers getting severely injured. Therefore, you should be aware that the handle material needs to be optimal in quality. In addition, it would be in a way that provides you durability and a comfortable grip. Wood and antler are the two most considerable materials that people love in top bowie knives because it allows for safety and comfort to the user. 

Bowie Knife FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

  • Condor Tool and knife, Undertaker bowie knife
  • Cold Steel black bear Bowie machete blade
  • Mossy OAK 14-inch bowie knife
  • KA-BAR full size US Marine Corps fighting knife
  • SOG super Bowie fixed blade SB1T-L
  • REG-215 – Handmade Damascus steel
  • Schrade SCHF45 Leroy
  • Mossy OAK survival hunting knife
  • Schrade SCHF3N

In survival, Tactical, Fighting, or hunting situations, the bowie knife tends to be excellent and useful. The material used in this product is made up of sturdy material and can easily withstand different intense conditions without any issues.

Have you ever saw a butcher knife profile? If yes, then an original bowie knife looks quite the same.


Finding the best bowie knife wasn’t an easy task. If I talk about myself, so I have to do a lot of research process to do it. There were lots of options that I have checked in the market. But, the problem was that those products neither bring me satisfaction and a reason to buy for my personal needs.

Then, I decided to do online research based on what others shared about the product as a review. From there, I have checked hundreds of products. Even I short-listed around 20 products to personally check by hand.

Among those ten products that I truly believed and wanted to buy are mentioned in this article. The thing that will help you check these ten best bowie knives is that you don’t need to do any research. Whatever I have experienced and loved about the product is mentioned in the article for you.

The only thing that you need to do is to read about every product and look towards the pros and cons and why you should buy it. Then, the rest will become easier for you.

In my experience, it would be hard for you to consider one product out of the list as all the ten products are competitive and bring top-quality support to the customer. But, I wanted to recommend you buying REG-215 – Handmade Damascus Steel 14.00 Inches tactical Bowie Knife. Why? Because it’s handmade. Every feature you will get in this product will bring value that you may not get similarly with other products. Therefore, it would be a great decision if you consider this product for yourself.

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