Best Damascus Bowie Knife (Reviews) in 2023

Are you the one who is looking to buy a new knife? If yes, then you would be thinking about a lot of the types at the moment. However, chances are higher that you can’t figure it out easily to make the final decision. Why? Because every knife is providing you a different experience.

How about selecting a best Damascus bowie knife? Yes, it comes with many outstanding features, which you couldn’t easily neglect to get for yourself. The reason behind this is that this type of knife uses a specific type of steel, which is Damascus.

Hence, it brings a lot of benefits for you that aren’t as easier to ignore. But, selecting the Damascus bowie knife that is good in quality and provide major benefits is not easier. Therefore, we have created this article where you can easily learn about the list of Damascus knives, which will help you to easily buy it for yourself. So without any further ado, let’s start talking about it in the below section.

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Our Top 3 Best Picks

Damascus Steel Folding Knife
Damascus Steel Folding Knives
  • Plain Blade Edge
  • Excellent Comfort Shape
  • An Excellent Gifting Idea
  • Wood Handle Material
Honshu Conqueror Bowie Knife
Honshu Conqueror Bowie knife
  • Impressive Looking
  • Grippy TPR Handle
  • Reinforced Leather belt sheath
  • Stainless steel Blade material
Handmade Steel Hunting Knife
Damascus Steel 15 Inches Hunting Knife
  • Light weight
  • Alloy Steel Blade Material
  • Bull Horn Handle Material
  • Straight Back Blade Shape

8 Best Damascus Bowie knives

1: Beautiful Damascus Steel Hunting Pocket Knife

Key Features:

  • Plain Blade Edge
  • Clip point Blade shape
  • 0.15 pounds item weight
  • Alloy steel blade material
  • Wood handle material

First of all, this product holds a lot of value due to its beautiful and sleek looks. Yes, the handles of this product come in a variety of designs that increases the worth of the product for you. In addition, you could easily get more than 9 color options in this Damascus Bowie hunting knife.

Due to the design can be a better option for anyone to gift this product to anyone. Most importantly, you could easily give it to someone passionate about collecting precious knives. No doubt, this product is affordable for anyone.

If we talk about the sheath, so it’s made up of cow leather. Also, the thickness of the cow leather is outstanding, making this product quite excellent. Meanwhile, the threading of this product is also outstanding, which increases the worth and quality of the product.

Apart from that, everything from detailing to its fixing has been done purely from the hands. Therefore, you can get an added touch of quality with this same feature. Moreover, it doesn’t have a fixed blade capability, making it foldable and easy to carry by anyone.

  • Sharpening Rod
  • Handmade
  • Good quality leather sheath
  • Good value for the cost
  • Outstanding Detailing
  • It has potential but there are few things that needs to be improved

2: Honshu Conqueror Bowie Knife and Sheath

Key Features:

  • Lanyard Cord
  • Ergonomic TPR Injection handle
  • Brass lanyard hole
  • 16 ½ overall bowie knife fits
  • Reinforced Leather belt sheath
  • Compound bevel Blade edge
  • Stainless steel Blade material
  • Thermoplastic elastomers handle material

Honshu Conqueror Bowie knife and sheath is a great inclusion to the Honshu series, with many outstanding features. It provides the best quality and strength to the users that are not easy to ignore by anyone.

If we talk about the blades, the manufacturers have used a sharp edge technology and provided a good quality grade stainless steel. It brings the best value to the product, which makes it quite effective to use for many tasks without any hurdles. Since you are looking for Damascus steel, this one would be a special consideration for you.

For a secure grip, this product comes with perfect ridging and an outstanding TRP injection handle. In addition, it contains the perfect grid texture on both ends, making it the ideal product to use without worrying about hand slipping issues. Hence, it can keep your hands safe while you are performing anything from it.

Apart from that, the sheath of this product is made up of good quality material. Yes, they have used top-quality leather for its construction, which makes it quite good in quality and provides a better sense of reliability to the product. Meanwhile, it’s a good product for the price that the company has set. Normally, you wouldn’t get this quality of cheap Damascus knives from other companies.

  • Good Quality material
  • Well-Constructed
  • Affordable price
  • Extremely sharp
  • Better quality Sheath
  • Good quality Damascus steel is used
  • Sheath is good in quality but doesn’t fit well with the knife

3: BK-3039 Handmade Damascus Hunting Knife

Key Features:

  • Light weight
  • American Style
  • Horn handle material
  • Alloy Steel Blade Material
  • Straight back blade shape
  • Life time warranty (If taken good care)

The Damascus steel bowie knife of BK-3039 is an amazing option because it offers long-lasting capabilities and provides a beautiful and sleek look.

Starting from the handles, so the manufacturers have used Bull horns. Usually, the hair of the animal is used for the construction of the handles. It makes the product look quite appealing. On the other hand, it also provides better contraction and expansion properties in the handle, making it a more durable option. Meanwhile, the manufacturers have used Rosewood as a primary material for the construction of the handle. The properties make this knife a cost-effective option, which is a good thing.

Besides that, this Damascus steel bowie knife is good for hunting and camping. Since hunting came with lots of intense experiences, this knife can be proven the best Damascus Bowie hunting knife. 

In the end, you need to know that the product provides a good quality leather sheath. It keeps the product safe from the outdoor environments and brings a great sense of support in carrying it anywhere you want.

  • Sturdy
  • Quiet Appealing
  • Worth it for the money
  • Outstanding Quality
  • Razor Sharp blades
  • Some customers say that it doesn’t look like the same as described

4: WolfKlinge Handmade Damascus steel Knife for Hunting

Key Features:

  • 300 Gram Item weight
  • Dagger blade shape
  • 6 inches blade length
  • Horn Handle material
  • Damascus Steel Blade material
  • Ambidextrous hand orientation

First of all, Wolfklinge is the best Damascus bowie knife that comes with feasible and portable properties. Therefore, you can use it for Outdoor activities, General Use, Hiking, Camping, Survival, Traveling, and climbing purposes.

The WolfKlinge knife is made to challenge conditions. The manufacturers have used the tough tools that make it ideal for multiple usages.

We have talked about the leather sheath of this product. Yes, we want to mention one additional thing is that it comes with genuine leather material. It makes the sheath good to use under the knife safely. Along with that, it has better carrying capabilities as well, which is also amazing.

If we talk about the handles, so it’s made up of Sheep horns. Usually, the Sheep horn handle helps to provide you better quality and long-lasting capabilities. On top of that, the aluminum rod pins are used along with a brass lanyard tube in the handles, making it a sturdy and firm carrying handle to use for various occasions without worrying about slippery issues. Meanwhile, it helps in the ease of movement and provides a perfect balance in the product.

In the last, this product comes with 100% Damascus steel material. Meanwhile, the steel is oil-hardened, which makes it quite supportive against resisting the stain, wear, and tear. In other words, it’s the definitive best Damascus steel bowie knife that you can ever purchase for yourself.

  • Handmade
  • Outstanding Craftsmanship
  • Good quality knife
  • Worth it for the money
  • Blades are razor sharp
  • Heavy weight product
  • The blades are tilted

5: Perkin Knives Custom Damascus Hunting Knife

Key Features:

  • Alloy Steel Blade Material
  • Wood Handle material
  • Walnut wood handle
  • Damascus steel blade

First of all, the Perkin Knives Custom edition is made specifically as the Damascus Bowie hunting knife for the customers.

The reason it’s good in quality is that the whole product is made purely from the hands. Manufacturers of this product have hired professional knife makers to prepare the whole product for the users. Therefore, this knife can hold a lot of value when it comes to using it for various purposes.

Apart from that, this product has a razor-sharp blade. The primary reason behind this is that it sharpens through the hands. Hence, you can use this sharp knife for various reasons without worrying about its quality cutting or skinning capabilities.

The handle side of this product is quite larger compared to other products we have mentioned here in the product. Therefore, it can make this product quite outstanding for both major and minor tasks. Meanwhile, similar properties help in terms of the perfect handling of the product.

  • Ideal Fitting
  • Top-notch grip
  • Great value and quality
  • Razor sharp edges
  • Longer handle than expected
  • No Cons

6: RG-109 Handmade 15.00 Inches Damascus Bowie Knife

Key Features:

  • Fixed blades
  • Beautiful design
  • Bone Handle Material
  • Sharp blade edges
  • Alloy Steel Blade Material
  • Outstanding for sports and outdoors

First of all, this best Damascus bowie knife comes with sharp edge blades. It’s quite an impressive feature that makes the product outstanding to skin anything you want. Depending upon that, you can use it for a lot of reasons without any issues.

After that, the blade of this knife is designed in a unique and beautiful pattern. Due to these reasons, this product holds a lot of value in terms of appearance and feel. On top of that, the manufacturers of this product have designed this product in a way that makes it last for an extended period.

Besides that, this product is handmade. Here, the beneficial aspect is that you can use it without worrying about its poor quality. Everything is sorted out in the best way for the users by the experts who have made it with the help of their hands. Also, it’s the best Damascus Bowie hunting knife.

  • Beautiful appearance
  • Cheap Damascus knife
  • Outstanding knife for the price tag
  • Outstanding Sheath quality and looks
  • Good quality Damascus steel bowie knife
  • Razor sharp Damascus Bowie hunting knife
  • No cons

7: Timber Rattler Bowie Knife (Western Outlaw Damascus)

Key Features:

  • 16 ½ Overall length
  • Brass-plated guard
  • Genuine Leather Sheath
  • 11 3/8 Razor Sharp Blades
  • Full Tang blade construction

If you are a knife collector, this product would be what you will love a lot. It comes with all of the stunning properties that make the product quite preferable for various purposes. Especially, the knife collectors will find it amazing due to its sleek appearance.

If you love to go camping or travel a lot to the jungles or relevant places, you need an additional weapon to help you in tough times. Why? Because of providing you a valid reason to survive or combat with others. The amazing thing about this product is that it can help you use it outdoors to stay safe from the animals. Also, it can be a good weapon for killing the animals and then skinning them to use the meat for a proper meal later.

If we talk about the knife handles, the manufacturers have also made it with a proper mindset. Like, the product handles comes with perfect fitting and designing capabilities. Therefore, it will never make any reason for you to get disappointed with the perfect handling of the product and ensure that you can easily skin or kill the animals without sustaining the injuries.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Good Quality Blade
  • Better handle Traction
  • Ideal to use for variety of reasons
  • Good product type of knife collectors
  • The blades gets Rusty as soon as you use it

8: M Knives Damascus handmade hunting Knife

Key Features:

  • Light weight
  • Right Hand Orientation
  • 5 inches blade length
  • Bush craft hunting knife style
  • Damascus steel blade material
  • Walnut wood handle material

First of all, the product comes with good quality and genuine Leather Sheath. The benefit of this product is that it keeps the sheath quite protective and helps the knife blades remain secure and good in condition, just like when you have purchased it for the first time. On the other hand, you will get an integrated belt in the sheath that helps you carry the product quite easily and securely.

After that, the second amazing thing about this product is the handle. Yes, the manufacturers have made it in the traditional agronomical way. The material used for the handle is Walnut wood. Normally, walnut wood material tends to provide durability and rust-free experiences for the users. Therefore, you will get the same in this product. Also, it helps to provide you a strong feel and better controlling power, which is outstanding.

Now, it comes to the blades. Yes, the product comes with quite sharp and impressive blade properties. Here, the beneficial aspect of this feature is that you will always experience this knife to be quite supportive in the hassles and stressful tasks. Yes, we are talking about skinning and cutting purposes. But, also, it’s useful for complex kitchen-related tasks.

When it comes to usage, this outstanding Damascus steel bowie knife is helpful for camping, traveling, fishing, Hiking, and Tactical purposes. In other words, it’s a product quite useful for almost everything.

In the end, the most amazing thing about the product is the fact that it’s handmade. Yes, it holds all outstanding features inside that make it a long-lasting and durable product to use without losing quality. Meanwhile, the blades of this product come purely oiled and sharped from the company side. Hence, you will never feel any rustiness and other major issues.

  • Sturdy
  • Budget-friendly
  • Extreme Sharp blades
  • Outstanding Detailing
  • Good Quality handle material
  • No cons

FAQs Damascus Bowie Knife

A carbon Damascus steel comes in softer type material. However, when it gets hardened, it become harder and stronger then steel.

Compared to the normal knife types, you can expect the Damascus knives as the best quality and performing knives that can give you benefits for the money you invest on it.

The reason Damascus steel is special because of the patterned design. It comes with a very beautiful and sleek aesthetics along with that it offers flexibility and hard feel.


There is no doubt with the fact that buying your type of product is a blessing. Yes, every particular person demands a product that can help them for a variety of reasons. When it comes to the Best Damascus Bowie knife, the feeling remained the same. However, it’s quite hard for anyone to choose the Damascus Bowie hunting knife as per their expectations. Many factors count in between the whole researching process, which is hard for a newbie to perform.

For that reason, we have created this article where you will get to know about the list of the best Damascus steel bowie knife. Yes, all of them are selected after a thorough research process and personal testing. Hence, the whole procedure will get easier for you choose one for yourself.

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