How to clean a Bowie Knife?

If you have a Bowie Knife in the home, it’s your responsibility to clean and manage it correctly. Otherwise, the knife would lose its quality due to rustiness and dust. When the blades doesn’t get rusty and dusty, then it would be good to use for long term. Meanwhile, the important thing you need to know about the cleaning of Bowie knives is that it has to be done appropriately. Why? Because when you clean it in the wrong way, it will cause damages to the Blades, and the sharpness of the blades would never remain the same.

But today, you should not worry about anything as we are here to let you know the exact step to follow in cleaning time. All of the steps are easy to understand. So without wasting further time, let’s talk about them in the below section.

Steps to Clean a Bowie Knife:

Step 1:

The first step would be to clean all essential things required for the knife cleaning purpose. Yes, you would need Oil, a Towel, Sink, and Water for the Cleaning Purpose. Make sure the Oil doesn’t have to be the Ordinary one. Always use the oil that is meant to be for the cleaning purpose of Bowie Knives.

Step 2:

The second step is to start the oiling. Start the oiling from one side by placing it onto the Surface and run a line of oil from the handle to the end of the blade side. After that, use your fingertip in a way that you are rubbing the Bowie Knife. Now, on the other side, apply the oil in the same way and rub it with the fingertips.

Step 3:

After you are done with the Oil Rubbing Procedure, the next step would be to wrap the Blade are under the Towel or Rug so that you can easily Wipe out the oil from it.

Step 4:

After you have correctly wipes-off the oil from, you have to clean the Knife with the help of water. You need to know that the water shouldn’t go between the Handle and the Blade. If it does happen, then the chances of Bowie knife to catch Rustiness would be evident. Therefore, always try that the water should be away from the handles. In this way, there would be zero chances of rustiness and that should be your ultimate goal.

Step 5:

The first batch of Oiling and Washing with water is already done. Now, the second batch of oiling is required for the Knife. Just like you have followed the second step in this article. You need to follow it again in Step five. But, it would help if you first dried the Washed Bowie Knife before doing the oiling procedure again.

Step 6:

As you have completed the second oiling and removed it with the help of Rug or towel, you now need to do the second batch of washing the knife. Yes, the Second wash should be in the same way, just like you have done it in the previous steps. Remember to follow the Cautions we have discussed in the earlier steps regarding the Water wash where the water should not goes in between the handle and knife. After that, dry out the bowie knife.

Step 7:

The seventh step refers to the Small Details Cleaning. The small parts of the bowie knife tend to hold a lot of the dirt, and they are the ones that can make the performance of the blades poor or good, depending upon how you manage them.

Although small detail cleaning is essential, it’s not mandatory that the cleaning of Small details are tough for you. It’s very easy to do the procedure; however, it has to be done with patience and focus. For example, you would require a Rug or towel for cleaning the small details. First, try to put some drops of Oil onto the rug or towel. After that, clean the spot where you would see dirt and clean them.

The Hand guard or the Handles of the Knives are also crucial for you to clean, and it has to look as shiny as possible because, in this way, your knife would look better. If you want to do it, you should clean it with the same rug or towel that you have oiled and use it to clean the handle.

How to Clean a Rusty Bowie Knife?

If the Bowie Knife has catched the Rust, what should you do now? Is there any Cleaning Procedure, or is it possible to remove the rust out of it? These are the type of questions that might come to your mind.

How to Clean a Rusty Bowie Knife

In the below steps, we will be discussing the Vinegar method to wipe out the Rust. So, let’s begin talking about the steps.

Step 1:

Pour Vinegar in a pan or cup and try to use the White Vinegar. Why? Because it contains the acetic acid that is ideal for removing the rust from the Bowie knife blades without any hurdles. Using other Vinegar would not provide you with ideal results, and it’s possible that the Blades would get stains.

Step 2:

The second step would be to Dip or soak the Bowie Knife under the cup or pan poured with Vinegar. The process will lose the impact of Rust on the Blade knife. So that, whenever you use the Towel or paper to rub the Blade, the rust will quickly wipe out.

Step 3:

After the Second step, pretty much all of the Rust will wipe out from the Blades. However, you may see small rust particles in the Bowie Knife. If you want to clean that, then you would need baking soda.

Other Important Tips to Keep the Bowie Knife Clean:

Always try to keep the Bowie Knife under the Sheath. In the market, you would see different types of sheath; however, the one that comes with leather material would be the ideal one for you. Never carry it without the Sheath as the knife will then take the Dirt, and you have to clean it again and again.

The second tip is to keep the Knife away from the water. Always keep the knife closer to the water whenever you are cleaning it. Otherwise, try to avoid the Water. Significantly, the area between the handle and blades shouldn’t experience the water. Why? Because it will then create rustiness issues for you.

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