How to Sharpen a Bowie Knife?

Bowie knife is an artistic type of knife whose terms of usage and benefits are numerous. People would pay as much amount as they could to buy these types of knives. While the prices of the Bowie knives differ depending upon their working capabilities and values, the maintenance of these knives is still a major question that comes to people’s minds.

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The Blades are the most important part of the knife, making it a valuable and unique thing. At the same time, the proper working of the blades requires a regular or a proper sharpening setup, which makes the blades outstanding and perfects to use for a variety of purposes.

how to sharpen a knife

The use of a Commercial Sharpening kit and whetstones are the important things you can use to sharpen the Knife. However, it still requires a bit of knowledge to do everything in the right way. So, we are here to teach you the whole Sharpening procedure in different steps.

Things you need to Sharpen Bowie Knife:

  • Dishwashing Liquid
  • Professional Sharpening Kit
  • Whetstone
  • Oil

Steps to Sharpen a Bowie Knife with a stone:

Step 1:

The first thing you need to do when sharpening a bowie knife is to look upon the Edges Angle. Yes, it’s one of the important things you need to consider when sharpening it. Using a Professional sharpener in this situation can provide you an effective help to identify the Angle Increment.

Step 2:

As you are using the Whetstone to sharpen the Bowie knife, place the knife Blade onto the whetstone. The angle of the knife has to be appropriate at the time of sharpening; otherwise, it would make a lot of hurdles for you. Before placing the Knife Blade Edges onto the Whetstone for sharpening purposes, make sure to use the appropriate solution to lubricate the whetstone. In this way, the blade’s edges will remain sharp along with damage-free for you. Dishwashing liquid can be a good option for using on the whetstone to remain safe from any damages issues.

Step 3:

Draw the Knife in hilt to tip motion onto the whetstone in the third step. Meanwhile, try to put some pressure on the knife-like you are cutting into the Whetstone. However, the Edges have to be away from you. In this way, you can sharpen the Bowie knife in the right way. Considering the Straight passes along the method to sharpen it can help the knife bevel to remain damage-free throughout the time.

Step 4:

In the fourth step, you need to flip the Blades over and identify the Angles of the blades to sharpen them. For that, you need first to make two passes, and each side has to be for one pass. After that, the sides have to be switch and then repeat the procedure accordingly. This procedure will help you understand the edges of the knife blades, even on both sides.

You can cut the piece of paper with it to identify the sharpness of the Blade knife edges. If you have cut down the Piece of paper without feeling any crumpling impact onto the knife, then it concludes that the knife has perfectly sharpened. However, try not to overdo the whole procedure in the sharpening procedure, as it can be brittle the edges.

Step 5:

In the last step, you need to clean the Whetstone with the help of Dishwashing Fluid so that you can easily sharpen the knife in the future without facing any issues.

How to Sharpen a Bowie Knife automatically?

Some of you might not be interested to learn the skill of sharpening the bowie knife manually onto the Stone or anything else. In that circumstances, the best way for you is to use the Electric Knife Sharpeners. Yes, the Electric Knife sharpeners are the best way to skip the manual way of sharpening the knife.

Electric Knife Sharpener

Without making any effort and in less time, you can easily sharpen it. You would only require a 2 or 3 steps procedure to sharpen the knife with the help of an Electric Knife Sharpener. On the Electric Knife Sharpener, you would get three Slots that come with motorized Wheels. These wheels and the three slots onto the knife automatically sharpen the blades for you. No major effort is required from your side, and you only have to put the knife in.

The use of an electric Knife Sharpener is good for the knife when you are in a hurry to sharpen the Knife. In that circumstances, the manual procedures wouldn’t be a good option for anyone to adapt. However, you need to understand that Electric Knife Sharpeners are not good to use for the knife when you are considering using the knife for longer periods. Using the Automatic Sharpener is not ideal for those who want the knife to work long last because it can negatively impact the knife blades. Therefore, the life of the Knife reduces accordingly.

How to Sharpen a Bowie Knife with Portable Sharpeners?

Apart from Whetstone and Electric Knife Sharpener, there is another way to sharpen a bowie knife with the help of a Portable Sharpener. You would consider it the manual method that comes with fewer hassles experiences, just like in the Whetstone method.

Portable Knife Sharpeners

In simple words, sharpening the knife is a mixture of automatic and manual methods. All you need is to Put the Bowie Knife Blade Skinning area onto the Sharpener and move it on a top-to-bottom motion. Here, the Portable Sharpener stones tend to be fixed in one location. Hence, all you need is to move the Knife top to bottom for experiencing a better result.

Most Knife Owners tend to use this Sharpener as it’s easy to purchase and portable. Wherever you carry the knife, you can carry the sharpener as well. So that, anytime you want to sharpen the knife, you can easily do it with the help of a portable sharpener.

Another amazing thing about the portable sharpener is that it doesn’t negatively impact the quality of the blade edges. Just like in the electrical one, you wouldn’t have to face a similar issue. Also, it’s a useful way of sharpening the knife blades in the current time.

Things to Avoid While Sharpening a Bowie Knife:

Many people wouldn’t know about the right ways of sharpening the knife, which leads them to a daunting situation where everything becomes miserable. Therefore, the important things to understand when sharpening the knife are important for you. So, let’s discuss it.

  • Never try to put extra force on the Knife at the time of sharpening its blade. It can cause issues to the Blades Edges. Meanwhile, you can also get hurt.
  • It would help if you did not ignore the Edges of the knife at the time of sharpening the blades. These are the important things that need to be overlooked throughout time.
  • Make sure to lubricate the Stone before you start the Sharpening Procedure of the Knife blades. Otherwise, the edges of the blades would face a lot of issues that could hurt its working capabilities.
  • It would help if you remained focused at the time of sharpening the knife blades. Do one thing at a time; otherwise, it will negatively impact the blades.

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