How to throw a Bowie Knife?

The Iconic and Legendary Weapon bowie Knife is the most dangerous and unique thing with a considerable amount of enthusiasts worldwide. As far as Enthusiasm, many people love to keep it in their home. However, very few people have the idea of using it practically.

The reason for invented this knife in the past is linked to using it as a hunting weapon. However, the later usage of it becomes a Fighting Knife. Currently, carrying this knife would not be a good thing as it comes with a heavy and sharp metal blade. So, the knife tends to kill anyone without any hurdles. Moreover, the usage of this type of knife is not allowed in a civilized society.

How to throw a Bowie Knife

Here, we have gathered the information to teach you about throwing a bowie knife. Yes, throwing it is an art itself. Therefore, anyone who owns it must need to learn about it. So without any further ado, let’s start talking about it in the below section.

Steps to Learn about Throwing a Bowie Knife:

Initiate a Practice Area:

First of all, you have to find a Practice area where you can easily throw it without hurting anyone. Yes, the area should be outdoor as doing the practice indoors can damage the house or any other space. Moreover, the outdoor area has to be vacant, and no person should come to that area often. Also, try to consider the outdoor area where no residential plots or apartments are available. Finally, you would consider an abandoned place as it can be the right selection for you.

Mark the Target Distance:

You can’t start the practice of throwing a knife by randomly selecting a place. Yes, it would never help you to learn about it. Therefore, you have to mark the point from where you have to throw it towards a target.

You can either mark it with the cross symbol or draw a line; whatever it would be, you need to be at least on the same spot, again and again, to throw a knife towards its target. The use of a Marking Tool, Foot, or a Knife would be enough for you. Try to at least keep 15 feet distance from the throwing area and the target area.

Perfectly Hold the Knife:

The Action time starts from this step, so you need to hold the Knife perfectly. Whatever would be your dominant hand, make sure to hold the Knife handle from it. At the time of holding the knife, try to grip the handle as perfectly as possible. The best tip for you is to hold the knife vertically, so the pointing of the knife goes in the upwards direction.

Perfect Standing Position:

The Standing position has to be perfect whenever you are throwing a knife. The stance never has to be un-appropriate as it would bring poor results for you. The legs need to be considerably spread out, or at least it has to be spread out enough to match up easily with the shoulders.

You are holding the knife; you have to go one step forward from the same point. Now, you have to use the throwing arm and drawback, so the Blade held straight.

Throw the Knife:

You have followed all of the tips that we have mentioned in the above portion. Now, all you need is to throw the Bowie Knife. It should be throw in the way just like you are on to the Baseball pitch. The release will be natural and smooth when you have maintained the right balance and weight of the blade. Otherwise, the release would be unnatural and tough for you. Also, you need to ensure that the pressure on the wrist needs to be as lesser as possible.

Note: The pro tip is to repeat the whole step again and again. The more you would do the practice of throwing a bowie knife, the more you can learn about it.

Is Throwing a Bowie Knife Good for your Self Defense?

If you are a hunter or go hiking on to the Jungles or re-creational spots, you would understand that there are different types of dangerous animals that live in these recreational places. Therefore, it could be an important and effective thing to keep it along with you. Why? Because it can help you out to do your self-defense.

throwing bowie knives

The question is about throwing a bowie knife, so yes, throwing it can help you in terms of self-defense. The animals can hurt you when they come as closer to you. Therefore, you need to kill or hurt them before they come closer. For that, you need to throw the knife towards them to get hurt from a distance. And for that, learning about throwing it is very important.

Important Warnings:

You are practicing of Throwing a Knife that is not a normal one that you use in the normal routine. It comes with sharper blades and is heavyweight. Therefore, you have to be careful about whatever you are doing with it. Before you throw knife, make sure to take all of the preventive so that you wouldn’t get harmed by the blade of it.

Apart from that, the key to throwing a knife in the best way possible is to practice it as many times as possible. Yes, the Practice of throwing it would help you do the entire procedure quite effectively without letting yourself into harm or danger. Meanwhile, patience is also an effective key to perform this procedure. Without Patience, you would have made wrong decisions that could harm you as well.

On the other hand, whenever you are practicing to throw a knife, make sure that the handle of the bowie knife has to be dry. Also, your hands need to be dry. If you keep the Handles and hands oily or moisturize, then the chances of the bowie knife slipping from your hands are higher. In that case, you can do either harm yourself or any other person.

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